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10mg Microrobots (6/2003)

COTS Dust (Macro-Motes)

  • Master's Thesis (1/2001) PDF

Acceleration Sensing Glove (6/2000)


Publications / Conferences

S. Hollar, A Solar-Powered, Milligram Prototype Robot from a Three-Chip Process, Dissertation, UC Berkeley, June 2003: PDF color version (18MB) or black and white (4MB)

S. Hollar, S. Bergbreiter, K.S.J. Pister, "Bidirectional Inchworm Motors and Two-DOF Robot Leg Operation," Transducers 2003, Boston, June 2003. (paper.pdf) (presentation.pdf)

C. Bellew, S. Hollar, K.S.J. Pister, "An SOI process for fabrication of integrated solar cells, transistors and electrostatic actuators," Transducers 2003, Boston, June 2003. (paper.pdf) (presentation.pdf)

S. Hollar, A. Flynn, C. Bellew, K.S.J. Pister, "Solar Powered 10mg Silicon Robot," MEMS 2003, Kyoto, Japan, January 19-23, 2003. (paper pdf) (presentation pdf)

R. Yeh, S. Hollar, K.S.J. Pister, "Single mask, large force, and large displacement electrostatic linear inchworm motors," JMEMS, pp.330-36, August, 2002.

S. Hollar, A. Flynn, S. Bergbreiter, K.S.J. Pister, "Robot leg motion in a planarized-SOI, 2 poly process," Hilton Head 2002 Workshop, Hilton Head Island, S.C., June 2-6, 2002. (paper pdf) (presentation pdf)

R. Yeh, R.; Hollar, S.; and Pister, K.S.J. "A single mask, large force, and large displacement electrostatic inchworm motor," MEMS 2001, Interlaken, Switzerland, pp.260-64, Jan. 21-25, 2001. (pdf)

M. Last, B. Fisher, C. Ezekwe, S. Hubert, S. Patel, S. Hollar, B. Leibowitz, K.S.J. Pister, "Video semaphore decoding for free-space communication", SPIE, Electronics Imaging Conference, San Jose, CA, pp.4304-14, Jan. 22-26, 2001. (pdf)

R. Yeh, S. Hollar, K.S.J. Pister, "Design of low-power silicon articulated microrobots," Journal of Micromechatronics, vol.1, no.3, pp.191-203, 2001.

J. Hill, R. Szewcyzk, A. Woo, S. Hollar, D. Culler, K.S.J. Pister, "System architecture directions for networked sensors." Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, November 2000. (pdf)

S. Hollar, COTS Dust, Master of Science, Thesis, UC Berkeley, December 2000. (pdf)

J. Perng, B. Fisher, S. Hollar, K.S.J. Pister, "Acceleration Sensing Glove (ASG)," ISWC International Symposium on Wearable Computers, San Francisco, October 18-19, 1999. (pdf)

E. Lander, S. Hollar, "Attitude control and survival of the STARDUST spacecraft during the Wild-2 coma passage," Guidance and Control 1997, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences Series, vol.94, pp.57-76, June 1997.


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