Code and Glove Details

Seth Hollar
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Here are the raw data files used to design and run the glove. There were a few errors in the hardware and I pointed them out in the description.

Glove Software

C code: C code for receiving data from the serial port and recognizing/or displaying gestures.
Gesture.cpp is the main C program used to learn and recognize gestures.
Gloveread.cpp is a C program used to display all the accelerometer readings in a graph format

Atmel code: Atmel code for transmitting finger and receiving data from the glove to the computer. There is a lot of junk in here, but the two main programs are: REC_ACC.ASM and TRAN_ACC.ASM
TRAN_ACC.ASM is a program located on the glove. It reads the accelerations and transmits wirelessly that data ad infinitum
REC_ACC.ASM is a program located on the base station attached to the computer. It receives data from the glove and sends that data over the serial port to the computer

Programmer C code: C code used to program the atmel microcontrollers

Glove Hardware

Orcad Files for Glove: These are the schematic and layout files for the glove. The LTC1515 turned out to be noisy and there is a wiring mistake for that chip. If you design a new one, leave this chip out all together.
Bill of materials for Glove: Excel file containing parts and part numbers for glove

Base Station Hardware

Orcad Files for Base Stations: Just one error in the layout for the Base Stations, one of the grounds isn't hooked up correctly. (designs thanks to Sean Hubert)
Bill of materials for Base Station: I don't have the exact bill of materials for this board, but this BOM contains most of the parts.